OSA AWARDS (Nomination deadline: April 20th 2011)


  1. Distinguished Oriya Award
  2. Kalashree Award
  3. Utkala Mani Gopabandhu Das Memorial Award
  4. Subrina Biswal Award for Academic Excellence
  5. Youth Volunteer Award
  6. Yuva Kala Vikash Award
  7. Meghna Memorial Award for Creative Writing
  8. Kalinga Youth Entrepreneurship Award


Section 1: General Guidelines


§         If no suitable candidate is found in a particular year for a particular category, no award may be given.

§         In the event of a tie, or if the awards committee decide that more than one person deserve the award, the number of awards may be increased to two in any given year.

§         The nominator of an award must be a member of OSA at the time of nomination.

§         Self-nominations are not accepted except for Subrina Biswal Academic Excellence Award.

§         Nominator will include references who should be willing provide supporting information regarding a nominee if contacted by the selection committee. Referees should be familiar with relevant contributions/accomplishments of a nominee in the specific award category. The contact information of the referees (telephone no., email address etc.) must be provided in the nomination form.  Referees should be prepared to provide verbal or written recommendations when requested.

§         With the exception of Subrina Biswal award, no member of the national executive and award committee including family members may be nominated for any award to maintain transparency of the award process.

§         Nominators are encouraged to include any relevant documentary evidence of a nominee’s contribution/recognition along with the nomination form.

§         One person may not be nominated for more than one award category in a single year.  One person cannot win the same award again but one person may win different awards over multiple years,

§         Please see below for any specific guidelines for individual awards in addition to these general guidelines.


Nomination Submission:

§         Nominations for all awards (except for Meghna Memorial Award and Kalinga Youth Entrepreneurship Award) should be sent to Award Coordinators at  osaawards@orissasociety.org

§         Awards requiring documentary proofs such as recommendation letters for Subrina Biswal Memorial Award must be mailed by US/Canada post to Mr. Saurjya Kanta Khandai, 2423 Angela Lane, Aurora, IL 60502, USA.

§         Nominations for Meghna Memorial Award & Kalinga Youth Entrepreneurship Awards should be sent to specific contacts mentioned in those award sections below.


 General Process of Selection:

§         A three-member selection panel appointed by the award committee on behalf of the Executive Committee will select the recipient for each award.

§         The decision of the awards committee is final.

§         The Award will be presented in the form a plaque in a special OSA meeting or in the Annual convention.

§         Schedule permitting, a biographical sketch of the recipient will be featured in next issue of the OSA Annual Souvenir. 


General Time Line:

§         Last date for nomination: April 20th (post-marked/ electronic)

§         Judging process: May 1 through June 10 (may vary for some awards)

§         Announcement of result: June 15 (may vary for some awards)

§         Award presentation will be made during the OSA Convention


Section 2: Award Details


The Distinguished Oriya award is the highest award presented by the Orissa Society of the Americas, a non-profit organization operating in North America to preserve and promote the culture, heritage, and customs of Oriya speaking people.


Criteria for Recognition:

Selection is based on contribution in one or more of the following areas:

The nominee must have

§         Proficiency in professional disciplines with outstanding accomplishments in arts, theatre, literature, science, technology, medicine and /or similar fields.

§         Rendered public service with innovative application of resources to enhance literacy, health, education, hygiene, child care, community service and similar other humanitarian and philanthropic service with direct contribution to Orissa, the land and its people.

§         Proficiency in and outstanding contribution to Oriya Art, Culture, Heritage and Literature

§         Leadership to bring forth social justice in Orissa.

§         Entrepreneurial skills to cultivate resources in order to provide economic stimuli and opportunities for employment and economic growth in Orissa

§         Patriotic idealism to uphold the honor and dignity of Oriya people.

§         Acts of heroism directly contributing to the cause of Orissa and its people.


Eligibility Requirements:

§         The nominee must be a member of the OSA with good standing or have, in case of nominees from overseas, must have contributed to the OSA in a tangible and visible manner.

§         The nominator must be a member of the OSA with good standing.


Submission Requirements:

Nominator should submit

§         Nomination form

§         Names of 3 referees



The Kalashree Award is an honor in recognition of an individual’s continued service to Oriya art, literature, music, dance, and similar cultural and heritage-based activities in North America.


The Award will be presented in form a plaque in a special OSA meeting or in the Annual convention.


Criteria for Selection:

Selection will be based on contributions in one or more of the following areas:

The nominee:

§         As a promoter of Oriya art and culture, must have outstanding record of cultural activities such as promotion of Oriya language and literature, hosting of events featuring Oriya cultural programs including visiting artists.

§         As a performing artist, must have demonstrated high quality artistic productions, training, and choreography in areas such as Odissi Dance,Odissi Music, Folk dance and music of Orissa, and similar other traditional art of Orissa including production of Oriya films, Oriya dramas, (and, if in any other language, must feature Oriya culture and heritage), hosting of conventions promoting Oriya artists and artistic endeavors.

§         As an established author, must have demonstrated high quality authorship in areas such as novels, stories, poetry and such other literary activities in Oriya.

§         Only activities and/ or accomplishments performed in North America will constitute grounds for consideration


Eligibility Requirements:

§         The nominee must be an OSA Member at the time of nomination.

§         The person should have several years of active participation in cultural activities of the OSA.

§         The person must be, during the year of the Award, living in North America.


Submission Requirements:

Nominator should submit

§         Nomination form

§         Names of 3 referees. One of the referees must be from the Chapter to which the nominee belongs, so that he/she can report on the role of the individual in the Chapter’s cultural and literary activities.



The Award is presented to an individual in recognition of his/ her outstanding contribution to Orissa in areas of humanitarian and community service. The recipient demonstrates a role model to the Non-resident Oriya community for his / her philanthropic accomplishments, dedication and selfless service to humanity.


Criteria for Selection:

The nominee must have made outstanding contribution to the land and people of Orissa in areas such as, but not limited to,

§         Social work

§         Addressing and resolving women’s issues and rehabilitation

§         Improving economic well-being of disadvantaged persons

§         Relief operation

§         Community service, community health,

§         Relief of poverty

§         Advancement of education at various levels and in various sectors

§         Advancement in services in the Health Sector

§         Similar other philanthropic endeavors in Orissa.


Eligibility Requirements:

Nominee must be a member of the OSA with good standing.


Nomination Process:

Nominator should submit

§         Nomination form

§         Names of 3 referees



Every year, the Orissa Society of the Americas, in joint sponsorship with Dr. Nilambar and Annapurna Biswal and Dr. Sitakantha Dash, presents the Subrina Biswal Award for Academic Excellence to honor an outstanding high school graduate selected from OSA families. Recipients are selected based on their academic achievements, extra-curricular activities including community service and personal qualities.  This award which provides the recipient with one-time scholarship of US $1000.00 was initiated in 1990 by members of OSA in the loving memory of Subrina, daughter of Dr. Nilambar and Annapurna Biswal of Maryland.


Eligibility Requirements:

 The nominee must be a graduating high school senior from any School in the USA or Canada.


Criteria for Selection:

Assessment will be made on all of the following criteria:

§         Academic achievements.

§         Extra-curricular activities including community service

§         Personal qualities demonstrated by career goal and objectives in life


Submission Requirements:

§         High School transcripts

§         Two letters of recommendation including one from a teacher of the school attended.

§         A curriculum vitae identifying academic achievements and extra-curricular activities including community service

§         A short essay by the applicant highlighting career goal and objectives in life.




Award to recognize a youth (16-40 years of age) for community service in North America, Orissa, for service to OSA or Chapter, organizational leadership, volunteer work etc. Presentation of these awards will generate interest in other youth to participate in community events.


Eligibility Requirements:


·         Must be between 16 to 40 years of age,

·         Must be an OSA member or belong to an OSA member family.

·         Must be resident in North America


Submission Requirements:

Nominator should submit

§         Nomination form

§         Names of 3 referees. One of the referees must be from the Chapter to which the nominee belongs.




Award to recognize a youth for outstanding contribution in promotion of Oriya culture, literature, arts, music, dance etc in North America. Presentation of these awards will generate interest in other youth to participate in Oriya culture and OSA events.


Eligibility Requirements:

§         Must be a High School student/ graduating High School student

§         Must belong to an OSA member family

§         Must be resident in North America.


Submission Requirements:

Nominator should submit

§         Nomination form

§         Names of 3 referees. One of the referees must be from the Chapter to which the nominee belongs.


After the sad demise of Meghna Mahapatra, daughter of Santosh and Lipika Mahapatra, in a tragic road accident on 5th November 2005, members of the Michigan Chapter of the Orissa Society of the Americas have set up the Meghna Memorial Fund, managed by the Meghna Memorial Trust.  This was made possible through generous contributions from many people, including Meghna’s parents.  To commemorate Meghna and pay tribute to her creative spirit, it was deemed appropriate to institute the “Meghna Memorial Award for Creative Writing”. The Meghna Memorial Award was started in 2007. 


There are two awards: 

§         The Junior Award is for Children of ages between 7 and 12; &

§         The Senior award is for children of ages between 13 and 18. 

The winner in each group will be recognised at the OSA Convention, receive a certificate, a check for $150, and a copy of the Souvenir issue in which his/her article is published.


Criteria for Selection

§         A panel of judges will look at all the writings by children in the Junior and Senior age groups will be judged for exceptional creativity and quality of writing.  The formats and styles are wide open.  Examples are poems, short stories, letters home from a trip, or just the child/youth’s view of the adult world.   

§         Each contribution should not be more than four printed pages.  Both Oriya and English writings are welcome.   



All children of Oriya origin residing in North America (USA and Canada) in the age group of 7 to 18 are eligible to participate.  The parents or children need not be members of OSA at the time of nomination. 


Nomination Process

§         Writings can be sent in by children or their parents. .All articles submitted to the Souvenir will automatically be considered for the award. 

§         Please submit articles by email to Mr. Sura P Rath at sura.rath@unt.edu or by mail to Sura P. Rath, Director University College, Professor of English and Chair, Department of Languages and Communication, University of North Texas at Dallas, 7300 University Hills Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75241-4605



    Please click the link below for the details. Kalinga Entrepreneurship Award Details