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OSA is enriched with many talents, in singing, dancing, writing, art and music. Throughout these 4 decades of OSA history OSA has created a rich musical heritage for its annual conventions and local events. It started in 1996 with Bara Masare Tera Jatra and picked up its momentum through Juge Juge Orissa, Colors of Orissa, Seasons of Orissa, Konark: The Monumental Heritage, Sata Daria Parire etc. In this page we will share with you the music that was produced by OSA.

Disclaimer: The music is copyrighted by OSA and the involved OSA members. Unauthorized duplication and use is prohibited. We are sharing with the public for the listening pleasure. Any use of the music should be duly acknowledged to OSA and the respective music directors and authors. Please contact any OSA National officers for permission to use the music in your events.

Let us start with "Jaya Maago OSA Janani", a dedication to OSA for its 41st birthday.

Konark, the Monumental Heritage: Music CD: 2006 OSA Convention

This music was created for 2006 convention under the direction of Dr Bigyani Das, 2006 convention cultural coordinator. The music direction was given by a very talented musician Mr Sumant Mohanty. A versatile singer Nazia Alam, the daughter of Sikandar Alam was the lead singer. This production was a compact set of songs that starts with Surya Bandana.

Enjoy the snippet of these songs. Some of the songs are written by eminent Oriya poets and some others are written by Bigyani Das (Utkala Bandana, Kuhukuhu, Dharama, Kuanra Punei, Jagare). OSA acknowledges partial financial sponsorship provided by generous OSA member Dr Sujay Singh for the production cost. Complete songs can be requested and will be mailed for a donation to OSA.



Juge Juge Orissa: Music CD: 2000 OSA Convention

This music was created for 2000 convention under the direction of Pratap Das, 2000 convention cultural co-coordinator and Prabir Dash, cultural coordinator. This production was a compact set of songs that starts with rich history of Orissa that was in its golden era with trade success and wealth. It ends with two group songs, "We love you Odisha" and "Bande Utkala Janani".




More to come.......Sata Daria Parire,  Seasons of Orissa, Bara Mase Tera Jaatraa...

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