OSA Election 2011


Note: OSA newsletters are published and archived in OSA webpage. Members who do not have access to OSA webpage may request a paper copy to be mailed. Requests can be made by phone call or email to any OSA administrative officials. Please refer to OSA web page at http://www.orissasociety.org for OSA newsletters, election announcements and all updated OSA information. OSA Election 2011 related information will be available from OSA webpage.


Members are requested to notify the Executives any discrepancy they observe in conductance of 2011 election within 48 hours of noticing the problem. They may put it in OSAnet for accurate recording purposes.


Election Announcement in OSAnet: September 14, 2010

Nomination Form

OSA 2011 Election Committee

Election Calendar

Election Procedure


OSA 2011 Election Committee


Following members were voted as members of OSA 2011 Election Committee in OSA 2011 GBM.

Dr Durga Mishra, NJ - Chair

Dr Abani Patra, NY - Member

Hara Narayan Padhi, Canada - Member


Election Calendar for 2011 Election


This calendar may be revised by the election committee in consultation with BOG in unforeseen circumstances. Nomination receiving deadline will be announced in OSA newsletters that will be available from OSA web. Members may contact OSA executives if they do not see election related announcements on time.



As written in the constitution




General Body Meeting

Election Commissioners are approved in the GBM



OSA newsletter of September-December quarter

OSA Election announcement and call for nomination is published by this date in newsletters



Dec. 31 of the year preceding the election year

Membership cut-off date for voter eligibility



Jan. 15 of the election year

Secretary sends voter list to the Election Committee



Fourth weekend of March

Ballots are sent to OSA members by this date



4th Monday of April

Votes must be postmarked by this date to be valid



Second Saturday of May

Ballot Counting and Announcement of Results



May 30th of the election year

Special newsletter publication about election result





OSA Election Procedure

Note: The term "Executive Committee" was used before 1992 for "Board of Governors". Currently (from 2004) "Executive Committee" consists of the National Executives and the Editor (non-voting).




Section 1

All life members and annual members of OSA have the right to vote and participate in the election.

Section 2

All elections are to be conducted by a secret ballot. The election procedures shall be described in the By-Laws.

Section 3

No two members of the Executive Committee at any time shall be from the same immediate family (e.g. Husband & wife, parents & children, siblings) of any Executive Committee member.

Section 4

In case, a current office bearer such as, President, Vice President, or Secretary-Treasurer, decides to run for re-election or for another position, he/she shall give up all his/her election related responsibilities as defined in the By-Laws.




Section 1

A three member election committee with one as chairman shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and will be announced to the general body for approval by majority at the annual convention preceding the election year.

Section 2

No member of the Executive Committee is eligible to be a member of the election committee.

Section 3

The Secretary of the OSA shall prepare a list of members who have paid their dues by Dec. 31 of the year preceding the election year. This list along with the list of life members and patrons shall be submitted to the chairman of the election committee by Jan. 15 of the election year.

Section 4

Nominations for the various offices shall be invited by the election committee chairman through the OSA newsletter of September-December quarter, preceding the election year. In case of contests, the names of the candidates shall be announced in a special letter to be sent by the election committee along with the position statement of each contesting candidate.

Section 5

The Secretary of the OSA shall print and supply the ballots to the election committee. All ballots must be sequentially numbered or coded.

Section 6

The ballots shall be mailed in the fourth weekend of March of the election year. The ballot number or code must be noted against the master membership list held by the election committee. For a returned ballot to be valid, it must be postmarked by the date on or before the 4th Monday of April of the election year.

Section 7

The election committee shall open a post office box address to which the ballots shall be mailed to by the voters. The ballots shall be counted in the presence of the election committee members and the candidates or their representatives on the second Saturday of May of the election year. The results of the election shall be announced then and there with a written statement of the results sent to the President of the OSA. All the election materials must be sealed and signed by the election committee members and the candidates or their representatives, and will be preserved by the election committee chairman for a period of six months after the election.

Section 8

The President of OSA shall submit the results to the Executive Committee for approval and for a publication in a special Newsletter by May 30th of the election year.

Section 9   

The election committee shall adopt prudent ways to insure the secrecy of the voting system.

Section 10  

All expenses for the election shall be reimbursed by the Secretary-Treasurer of OSA upon the submission of the expense report. The committee shall caution to keep expense within the budget.

Section 11  

Any charge of election irregularity or fraud shall be reported to the President and the members of the Executive Committee for resolution.