Summary of Post Women’s Forum 2011 activities:
Author: Mrs. Mamata Mishra

Holding a Women’s Forum at the OSA Convention is a 20-year-old tradition. Every year it informs and inspires the attendees in some way and is one of the most attended seminars at the OSA conventions.

In the past year, the women’s forum organizers tried to keep the spark alive throughout the year in the following way:
  1. We tried to keep the discussion going in the Women Forum yahoo group. Anyone can join this yahoo group at There were 42 postings in the past year. We also tried to keep the discussion to continue in the facebook group.
  2. We published two articles in Utkarsa, one sharing the evaluations and feedback of the seminar and the second acting on one of the suggestions “to start a women forum locally.” We also created a follow-up q/a document answering off-line questions about domestic violence that came from participants after the seminar. This was posted in the yahoo group.
  3. Houston women organized a local women’s forum meet one evening in someone’s house that focused on communication styles and how to communicate with empathy and assertiveness. Yunuen Perez Vertti, the filmmaker of Aparajita that was screened at OSA WF 2011, filmed this workshop voluntarily.
  4. Two Odia women from the US participated in the Mahila Shanti Sena (MSS) state convention in Odisha and one of them wrote about her experience in the OSA journal 2012; please read it. MSS was a topic at OSA WF 11.
  5. Mayara Kahani, a skit that was presented at OSA WF 11, was very well received and we received more than one request to take the message to a wider audience present it at the Drama Festival. So Prach Behera of Austin organized it at the Regional Drama Festival at Dallas.
  6. Some OSA officers (current and past) have continued to show interest and support to start a help line, a topic discussed at WF 11. To make it possible however, we need interest and commitment of local leaders.

We feel that it is important to