PacificNW Oriya Society celebrated a Lunch Get-together at the ISKCON Temple in Greater Seattle

on August 13th Noon

We had a community Food Bank food-drive and also celebrated India's independence by singing her national anthem.


1. There are approx 20 families participated in this get-together i.e. Bandhu Milan,

2. Families drove 250 miles from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington, 

3. Thanks to Sangita (Rakesh's wife) and Sasmita (Pradeep's wife) who volunteered hours to help in Temple Kitchen,

4. Everyone enjoyed Temple prepared/served food (prasadam) : Yellow rice, Cabbage Sabji, Dal, Chana Curry, Sweet (Halwa, Ladoo), All yummy (Thanks to temple, we also provided all support)

5. Our community members not only served food to all participants, but also took great effort spending hour serving to other devotees.  See the picture of Darshan bhai and Amulya bhai are serving food from temple kitchen,

6. All members sat down in a quite room , had face-to-face introduction  (circle time), with gigs and gags.

7. Darshan bhai, Amulya bhai explained the importance of community being together and everyone always  welcome with open heart.

8. Darshan bhai - explained in great details the purpose of Pacific NW Oriya Community and future (possible) OSA-2012 convention in Seattle.

(a) Based upon past national conventions, the high level estimates shows, money is not a criteria for the success of any conventions.

(b) It is the team approx 10 volunteer families can take leadership in activities to make a great success. Many activities would be guided/outsourced by national members such as souvenir content management etc.  Of course chapter member participation would be greatly needed. It also helps knowledge transfer to chapter volunteers.

( c) Based upon, Sanjeeb Sarangi and Pranabesh & Mitali Dash request, Darshan bhai presented powerpoint on high level tasks for any typical Convention. Participants happy to understand it is community as team, working together between task leads with its convener can make all success.

9. Before ending the meeting, all stood up to sang-along (in advance of August 15 - observe India independence day)  India National Anthem. See below video link. It showed, together with one-voice, we are one!

10. All member had chance to meet and share thoughts with legend Odissi Dancer "Dr Ratna Roy" in this meeting.

11. Before ending the meeting, all enjoyed sweet taste of  "Chenna Poda (thanks to Jyoti & Sucheta Family) and Poda-pitha (thanks to Sasmita & Pradeep family).

12. At the end of meeting: All gather to collect "Dry/canned food donation for Local Food bank" to help people in need. we collected/raised 6 full crates, total 48 lbs of dry/light weight packaged foods for local food bank. 

All members, helped to load the crates onto a SUV ( Late Sat and Sunday food bank was closed, hence later on 8/15-Monday, it was delivered at Food bank, A receipt is was  received from Food bank thanking to Pacific NW Oriya Community. A copy of this receipt is available in our file).

Below is 4 min short video describes all smiles:


Thank you all for your precious time and commitments to build our community.


It is Mohandas who once "volunteered" for community work in his South Africa days, that changed his life to be a great leader, became Gandhiji the "Father of India". 

Mr Barak Obama, said, "it is his community services, that defined the path to highest office & became President of USA".

The power of community service could build  strong leadership, which ultimately helps in everyone's personal and corporate life.

Let's continue the momentum, be an ambassador of change, involve and lead others to build our strong Pacific NW Oriya community.

Next action plan:

1. We will have another conf call in week time to finalize specific agenda.

2. Next face-to-face meeting late Sept or Early October.


Pradeep S.

[All present sent out a warm message of welcome to the few who did not attend -- our emissaries were Mrs. Dash and Sanjeeb Sarangi.]


1. If you are not  OSA member yet, you are still invited to this lunch/meeting. We request you to join/register your name at below OSA website link.

2. During Aug-13th meeting, we as a strong community are not only coming together to promote Orissan culture, but also extend our community service to help other communities/people/children who need support in current economic situation. In respect of this, we are making a food drive donations to local food bank to help people in need. 
We encourage, please bring some dry/canned foods with you and we will collect in a donation-drop-box at temple and collectively we will deliver to nearest Food bank. Please visit below link to see suggested food drive.



Dear friends,

Please accept this invite and if you see anyone is missing in invite list (members and non-members), please feel free to forward this.

Thank you for your understanding, support and we look forward to this event which would be a begin for our long journey in NW trail.

Ms. Nirmala Dash (Seattle, WA),   (206) 542-9246 
Jyoti, Sucheta (Portland,OR),  (860) 823-7326
Pradeep, Sasmita (Seattle,WA), (425) 260 6980