Fundraising Appeal:





Be Generous and Donate to OSA





Dear Friends


We wish you all a very pleasant and joyful holiday season.

We request you to be generous and donate to “OSA Development” fund. Please write a check ($50 or more is expected, but any amount will be appreciated) and send to OSA by following these steps:

1. Write a check payable to “The Orissa Society of the Americas” or “OSA”

2. In the memo mention “OSA Development”

3. Put the check in an envelope and mail it to the treasurer’s address


Dr Akhileswar Patel

Treasurer, OSA

49 Cannon Rd

Old Bridge, NJ 08857


Your donation is tax-deductible. Your donation will be used to make OSA more vibrant and productive, and to restore stability.

Your generosity will be blessed by more than 1500 hearts/souls that constitute this organization OSA. (“Nara” is “Narayana”. God resides in the inner souls of all individuals.)

OSA organization went through a challenging period because of the hostilities created by a few individuals including a non-member Mr Agni Jandhyala who was misguided by Maryland-Virginia chapter members Mr Anadi Naik and Mr Shreekanta Nayak. You can read more about Mr Jandhyala and his experience with Maryland-Virginia chapter at

This is a critical period for OSA. At the same time this is an opportunity for you to express your patriotism, your generosity and your great humane spirit.

Opportunity does not always knock your door. There might come a time, when you would want to donate, want to do certain things, but you would be unable to do so for some reason.

Why wait? This is the right time. You have the money. You have the opportunity and you will get the tax deduction.

Please be kind and generous.


OSA National Officers