OSA Drama Festival


OSA Drama Festival started in 2009 for the first time. Dr Sri Gopal Mohanty was the festival coordinator. The concept of regional drama festival went into effect during the month of April 2009 at 3 sites, Texas, Michigan and Washington DC. OSA is planning to continue the tradition in its present form or in an improved form (combining music and dances) for 2010 and 2011.


Drama Festival 2010


Coordinator: Dr Brajendra Panda

Co-coordinators: Dr Sri Gopal Mohanty

                         Sandip K Dasverma




OSA Midwest Regional Drama Festival - a report by  Kanak Hota:

(Note: The festival was held on November 6, 2010)

As never before and in a rare endeavor, this year’s OSA Chicago Diwali celebration combined with Midwest Regional Drama festival at the Fair Lady Production Inc.1665 Quincy Ave, Naperville showcased the artistic talents of the chapter members and their kids in a spectacular way.  The three hour-long cultural extravaganza, interspersed with sparkling humor, scintillating wit and soul stirring music and dance did not have a single moment of dreariness. We thank our office-bearers president Ashok Parida, vice-president Ashok Sahoo and secretary/treasurer Debasish Panda, regional drama coordinator Gyana Ranjan Patnaik and event chair Rosalin Samantray for their single-minded dedication in making the event a grand success. The MCs, Salil Mishra and Dr. Subhashree Joshi deserve our appreciation for orchestrating the colorful items in delectable fashion which was great for its style, presentation and grace.

Event Chair Rosalin Samantray deserves accolade in making the show well structured and perfectly synchronized, and her tireless efforts in making the cross-pollination of our cultural identity in the package is praiseworthy. She wrapped devotional chanting, modern dance medley, classical dances in the form of Bharatnayam and Odissi, Beatles and western contemporary songs and the dramas by the Chapters as dazzling pieces of our diverse identity. If Sarita Parida’s “Aayee Dhoom Diwali set the mood for dance and music, the hilariously comedic short plays mocked at the limitations of us as human beings blinded by egoism, personal ambition and hypocrisy. Manoj Mahapatra’s play Jaha Hale Hau is densely satirical. It presents the plight of a director played by Rosy who fails to bring together a bunch of self-absorbed egocentric individuals fighting hard to prove themselves as better actors than the rest. The play made Prashant grunt, Jhara swing as a tasty item girl, and Bob, Manoj, Gyana rock in dark glasses to a racy number. Madhu Khuntia with his ten heads as Ravana was hilarious, Gokul Mishra for his arrogant walks as a scriptwriter and Ratna Mishra for a long spicy dialogue with friend Jhara over the phone kept everybody engaged.

Rightly, the event started with rich tributes to Guru Gangadhar Pradhan, doyen of Odissi dance in India, and Dr. Bani Dasmahapatra, mother of Chhabi Mahanty, who left this mortal world for their heavenly abodes.

Milwaukee Chapter’s Uchit Charcha targets the plight of a semi-educated power-hungry politician on a visit to Chicago. The comedy arises from the answers he gives to the press and the reaction of people who are his audience. Two worldviews –the politician back home who believes that dollars grow on trees and the self-made immigrant who does not want to part with his hard earned dollars, created the fun for the viewers. Rajkishore Pati as the screwed/shrewd politician joined by Manas and Sikha Patnaik on the stage gave us a lot to laugh and reflect.

The comedy in Gosein Mahatma by Swapnalata Mahapatra from Detroit openly attacks the institution of priesthood that preys on the faith of common man. Their cast Subhasish Mohanty, Akshyay Ray, Debasish Acharya, Sangram Basantia, Swapnalata Mishra were wonderful in their acting.

Chicago kids brought the house down by their scintillating performances: Shivansh’s chanting mesmerized everybody and Pallavi, Payal, Sabrina, Shivangi, Shivank, Samyak, and Ayush ”, were excellent in “Aayee Dhoom Diwali. Ashley Sahu and Shimron Sahoo gave the audience a treat in Bharatnatyam, while Lisa Mishra’s rendition of English song was outstanding Akash Dash gave a treat of his guitar prowess and vocal chord to the packed house. The ever-smiling Trisha Mahapatra performed a stunning Odissi dance, which enthralled the viewers in attendance. The combinations added variety, glamour and spark to the entertainment on a platter.

We are thankful to our volunteers who have worked behind the glare with dedication for the success of the show. Dr.Minakhi Panigrahy and Debashish Panda missed a large part of the event as they were working at the help desk/reception, Bharati Khuntia, heading the food team with Usha Dash, Ipsita Satapathy, Sunita Patnaik, Rupa Mahapatra, Kiti Kamath, and others, handled the serving very well. Saurya Khandai as tech. support, Sujata Patnaik and Srikant Panda in stage set up, Sunita Dash, Sarita Parida and Kiti Kamath in auditorium decoration worked hard for proper presentation of the show. Rajendra Supkar and Sunil Mishra took great shots of the entire show, which you would be receiving for your visual feast. President Ashok Parida must be thanked for the selection of the venue with all the amenities and overall conduct of the program. Little Simron deserves all our encouragement for coming out with a nice homemade brochure. Last but not the least we are grateful to all our chapter members and guests from all over the place for turning in large numbers for the great show.


Kanak Hota

on behalf of OSA Chicago



Announcements: February 22, 2010


Dear Friends,

Preparations for this year's Regional Odiya Drama Festivals are underway. So far, the following four festivals have been confirmed.

1. Eastern Region:  led by New England chapter, to be held at Boston on April 10, 2010 (Contact: Nishikanta Sahu / Dillip Behera 603-988-8468) - Check program details

2. South-West Region: led by South-west chapter, to be held at Dallas on April 24th, 2010 (Contact: Tapan Padhi / Saroj Mohapatra 469-579-4167)

3. Northern Region:  led by CanOSA, to be held at Toronto on May 15th, 2010 (Contact: Jibanjit Tripathy / Gagan Panigrahi 416 223 2756)

4. North-Central Region: led by Chicago chapter, to be held at Chicago on June 19, 2010 (Contact: Ashok Parida / Gyana R. Patnaik 630-640-5631)

In addition, we are in process of contacting people at two more regions to see if there is enough enthusiasm to organize the drama festivals at those locations. We will send updates if and when the plans crystallize.

All members and non-members of OSA can participate in the Regional Odiya Drama Festival. With the locations and dates fixed, any group wishing to present their drama can contact us or the respective local organizers.

Best wishes,

Brajendra Panda, Sandip Dasverma, and SriGopal Mohanty
Coordinators, Regional Odiya Drama Festival


Program Details: Eastern Regional Drama Festival

Venue: Chinmay Mission Auditorium, 1 Union Street, Andover MA-01810
Date: Saturday, April 10th, 2010
Contacts: Nishikanta Sahoo(603-233- 5522, nsahoo@yahoo. com)
                 Arun Mohanty(617- 224-3275,arunmohanty_ 05@yahoo. com)

3:00PM – 3:45 PM

• Welcome & Registration
• Snacks


• Utkal Divas/Odisha Day Celebration

• Odissi Dance

• Kanchi Abhijan - A dance drama by OSNE Junior artists

• Dasanana: Naka Kata Upakhyana - A drama by NY/NJ chapter artists

• Rannapa Dance - Special Dance by NY/NJ Chapter

• Dinu Kaka Thiika Kahuthile - A drama by OSNE Senior artists

• Vote Of thanks

• Tumari paain - Oriya Medley


• Dinner



Drama Festival 2009


OSA National Coordinator: Dr Sri Gopal Mohanty

Number of Events: 3


South-West Region


Festival Coordinator:

Loknath Patro

Host DFW Orissa Society
Event Date April 4, 2009
Place Dallas, Texas
Dramas Athacha chANakya by Dallas Group
  SAhitya gaDiA manthana by Austin Group
  E ki Nataka by Arkansas Group
  Mom, mA Au mADAm by Houston Group
Website http://southdramafest.orissasociety.org/



Eastern Region


Festival Coordinator:

Debaki Nandan Chowdhury

Host Washington DC Chapter
Event Date April 18, 2009
Place Silver Spring, Maryland
Dramas Gitinatya Sri Ganesha by DC group
  Pathoi Bohu by DC Group
  Gua Nimantrana by NYNJ Group

Northern Region

Festival Coordinator:

Jogesh Panda

Host Michigan Chapter
Event Date April 25, 2009
Place Flint, Michgan
Dramas Banna-Nasika by Canada Group
  Gitinatya Mahisa-Mardini by MI Group
Website http://picasaweb.google.com/canosa.secretary/CanOSAAtOSARegionalDramaFestivalFlintMI#


Drama Festival Guidelines


Motto: The Festival should be more fun than anything else. 


Implementation Procedure:

  1. Regions are formed from Chapters or otherwise. Four possible regions are: Canada, Michigan, Ohio and Chicago; New England, NY-NJ, Maryland-Virginia, Washington DC; Southwest, OZARK, South; California. Minnesota and Southeast are left out in this division. The division need not be rigid. An example of flexibility is Michigan, Chicago and Minnesota to form the region in a year when Chicago hosts (to be explained soon), or Southeast may join when Washington DC hosts. Sometimes, there might be two teams from the same Chapter, say Southwest may have two teams, one from Dallas and another from Houston since both have strong interest in drama and both cities are not close.

  2. In each region, a Chapter to host the Festival and the dates of the Festival for a given year are selected through mutual consent of different Chapters within a region. Normally it is expected of Chapters to take turn to be a host.

  3. The Festival will be held in a suitable weekend.  The guests arrive on Friday evening/night or at the latest on Saturday morning. Dramas are performed on Saturday afternoon and evening. On Sunday the guests depart.

  4. The host Chapter makes all arrangements including facilities and providing hospitality to outside guests. Provision of facilities should be reasonable and nothing fancy or expensive. It is understood outside guests are accommodated with families.

  5. The duration of a drama should be approximately one hour.  For optimality, there should be at most four dramas, two performed in the afternoon and two in the evening with a tea/coffee break for approximately an hour. The minimum number of dramas in a Festival is two.

  6. At least two Chapters should participate in a Festival. It may be possible to have two teams from the same Chapter if there is insufficient participation in a Festival.