Member Survey Questions


Please reply by June 15, 2010 to



1.    How long have you been a member of OSA?

2.    What is your membership status?

3.    To what extent OSA satisfies your needs?

4.    Do you belong to a local chapter (if yes then which chapter)?

5.    How do you rate local chapter experience (if applicable)?

6.    How many OSA National conventions have you attended (include years if applicable)?

7.    When is the last time that you attended OSA National convention?

8.    How do you rate OSA National convention and why?

9.    How do you rate OSA overall and why?

10.  What were your expectations from OSA at the time you joined

11.  Have you read OSA constitution?

12.  If your answer is “yes”, do you understand its objectives?

13.  Do you want any change to OSA constitution?

14.  If your answer is “yes”, please write down clearly what changes you need and where by referring to its Article, By-Laws and Sections

15.  What are your expectations from OSA now

16.  How often do you check OSA webpage? Do you have any suggestions for web page contents?

17.  Do you read OSA newsletters that are available on the web?

18.  Are you a member of OSAnet? If “yes”, then how often do you read OSAnet emails?

19.  If requested will you volunteer to work for OSA?

20.  If your answer is “yes” to the above question, in which role would you like to volunteer? What are your strength areas in which you can volunteer and what are your weak areas that one should not expect you to volunteer?

21.  Do you have any innovative ideas for OSA? (please share)

22.  Do you think OSA should be involved in Orissa’s development and why

23.  Do you think OSA members should resolve their issues through its BOG, GBM and member involvement or file lawsuit to get answers to their questions?

24.  Have you volunteered for OSA in past? Describe your volunteering experience

25.  How do you rate the performance of current OSA executives?

26.   Have you directly contacted any OSA officials with any questions?


27.  Were you treated professionally with personal touch when you had directly contacted any OSA officials?

28.   Do you have any questions for OSA officials or about OSA? State your questions.

29.  Do you get updates about OSA from OSA executives? How often?

30.   Do you belong to any other volunteer societies? Are there any positive points from the other society that you can recommend for OSA?

31.   Are you happy with your experience of OSA membership? Do you have any suggestions and recommendations for OSA's current officers? Please state.

32.   Do you know how to use DOLA system for member information, address update etc.?

33.   Have you attended any General Body Meeting of OSA? If “yes” how many meetings, when and if “no”, why not

34.   Have you sent your proxy form when you have not attended the GBM meeting?

35.   Anything else that you would like to inform us