OSA Calendar


Except for the election related due dates, nothing is mandated in the by-laws. The calendar below is more for easy operational guide than the rule of the organization.


v      July – August: Make sure OSA executives have gone through the articles about their job responsibilities


v      August-September: 

·         First electronic newsletter is published

·         Executives write about their vision and plan of action

·         OSA Souvenir and address book copies are sent to the life members, patrons, benefactors and contributors

·         Election committee members are declared

·         The chapter in the charge of convention holds meeting and preliminary plan.

·         The convener is appointed and the information is sent to the OSA president

·         Preliminary budget is made for the convention and duty and responsibility sharing with OSA national is clearly mentioned


v      October:  Chapters send their updated member list to OSA secretary.


v      November:  Chapter news and events are sent to the OSA editor/editors to be published in the December issue


v      December:       

·         Second publication of OSA newsletter. Electronic copies kept in the web page and printed

·         Copies are sent to people only who need it

·         Make sure that election information is published (if appropriate)


v      January:

·         Progress check

·         Deadline for the official ballot list to be received from OSA Secretary January 15, 2009 (if election year: odd year)

·         Articles are due for the March issue of the newsletter


v      February: Nominations for various OSA National Executive positions are due (if election year: odd year)


v      March: 

·         Third issue of the newsletter is published (electronic).

·         President asks for volunteers to serve in the election committee (if even year)

·         Chapter in charge of convention sends convention information to the members

·         Articles are invited for the Annual Souvenir

·         Ballots for OSA election are sent to members by 4th weekend of March (Odd Year: Election Year)


v      April: 

·         Progress check of all the committees

·         Ballots to be mailed to election committee by members – postmarked by 4th Monday of April   (Odd Year: Election Year)


v      May:  

·         Articles for the 4th issue of the souvenir due

·         Ballots to be counted on 2nd Saturday of May (Odd Year: Election Year)

·         President declares the results as soon as results are available (Odd Year: Election Year)


v      June:

·         Fourth issue of souvenir is published

·         Complete convention information and schedule is available in the

·         Web


v      July: 

·         Convention held

·         Next year’s election committee members are declared in GBM and approved by 2/3rd majority (if even year)