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OSA Productions of Various Years



Information and Contact

2009: Sata Daria Parire Music CD

NYNJ Convention Committee.

Contact Pradeep Mahapatra

2007: Odissa Jugejuge: Music CD

Michigan Convention Committee.

Contact: Rina Mohapatra

2006: Konark, the Monumental Heritage: Music CD

Maryland Convention Committee.

Contact: Bigyani Das

2001: Colors of Orissa: Music CD

Chicago Convention Committee

Contact: Jhara Das

2000: Juge Juge Orissa: Music CD

Southern Convention Committee

Contact: Prabir Dash

1996: Bara Mase Tera Jatra: Audio Tape

Washington DC Convention Committee

Contact: Pratap Das




Movie Producers



Akshy Kumar Parija


Movie: The Living Ghost

Akhya Kumar Parija recently produced a movie entitled "The Living Ghost" directed by legendary Mr Prasant Nanda and world wide promoted by Mr Ashok Suvarna of NPA Events got two awards for the Director and Producer termed as "MOST THOUGHT PROVOKING MOVIE ON SOCIAL ISSUES".


It also received another award from Cairo International Film Festival. Please check the webpage http://www.thelivingghost.com for details.


Arun Das (Deceased)


Movies: Arun Das has given Art direction for 3 Oriya Films Akasa Deepa, Bhang a Silata and Tathapi





Singers, Lyricists and Music Producers


Manaranjan Patnaik, Lalu Mansinha and Nadita Behera


This is known as M&M Productions. The instrumental music CD with the title "Odishi Swara Taranga" was produced by Manaranjan Patnaik, Lalu Mansinha and Nadita Behera. The music director is Bijoy Kumar Jena.


Bigyani Das


Bigyani Das is the lyricist for the audio cassette "Manataranga".  "Manataranga" contains 8 songs, each with a different emotion. The singers are Dibakar Mohanty, Ira Mohanty, Subhas Dash. Bigyani Das also directed the OSA Convention 2006 production "Konark: The Monumental Heritage".


Tirtha Das


Tirtha Das is the producer of modern Oriya song collection CD "Swetapadma".


Kabita Patnaik


kabita Patnaik is the lyricist and music director of audio cassette "Smruti". This was produced by Saroj Patnaik. The singers are Debashish Mohapatra, Kabita Patnaik, Anjali Mishra and Lopita Mishra.


Kalpana Dash


Kalpana Das is the lyricist of the audio CD consisting of the collection of bhajans


Kalpana Acharya


Kalpana Acharya is the singer in the music collection "Padashrita". The music was provided by Binay Kumar Dash. It has 8 bhajans.



Poets and Writers



Mamata Misra

Book: Winter Blossoms: and other poems

Mamata Misra, an activist working against family violence, has written articles for a book, a documentary film, several periodicals, and has edited two books. She lives in Austin, Texas. Her community work has been recognized by local organizations such as SAHELI, SafePlace, India Community Center, Samaritan Center, and YWCA.


Winter Blossoms represents a cross cultural journey that not only explores the experiences of South Asian women, but also reflects all women’s connection with everything and everyone around them. From arranged marriages to a mother’s delight for her unborn children, Mamata Misra’s clear, compassionate voice echoes the bittersweet quality of women’s lives.


Shanti Mishra




Shanti Mishra recently published a short story collection NISPRABHA SURYA with 23 short stories. It got lots of certificate from lots of well known people from Orissa. The book cost is $10.00, shipping and handling cost is extra $3/$4. All the money is donated to some of the orphanages in Orissa, mostly providing them school supply.




Bijoy Misra


Book: Krishna: A Sourcebook


Dr Bijoy Mishra has contributed to the fifth chapter of the book Krishna: A Sourcebook.

Chapter five is one of the book's surprises. Bijoy M. Misra translates sixteen of the nineteen chapters of the Mushaliparvan of the Mahabharata as retold by the Oriya poet Sarala Dasa in the 15th century. This passage connects Krishna's death at Dvaraka. his body residue (pinda) thrown into the sea, the discovery by Jara and his wife of this residue transformed into a wooden log, the decision made by King Indradyumna to build the Jagannalha temple at Puri, the carving of the famous images of Rama, Krishna, and Subhadra, and finally the installation of the strange images inside the temple.


More can be found at




Prasanna Pati

Book: Adventures and Misadventures of Dr. Sonjee: A Collection of Short Stories

More Information about the book: Prasanna K. Pati, 255 pp, paper, $14.95, ISBN 0-9703820-1-4, Snehalata Press, 1353 Health Lane SE, Salem, OR, 97302, 2001. JAMA. 2003;289:1705-1706.

Dr Pati, the psychiatrist who played "Dr Sonjee" in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, presents us with an excellent set of short stories. That these short stories are at least somewhat autobiographical seems apparent.

There are 20 short stories in all. One is to be made into a movie. All are similar in that Dr Sonjee, a psychiatrist practicing in the United States, originally from India, faces some adventure in a humble, thoughtful, but infinitely curious way, leading to a satisfactory outcome.



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