OSA 2009-2011 Team's  Envisioned Future for OSA


As our society, The Orissa Society of the Americas (OSA) approaches its 40th year with the perspective of a rich history of achievements and tremendous contributions to the immigrant Oriya community we appropriately look forward our future. OSA’s contributions in unifying Oriyas in USA and Canada, propagating and preserving Oriya culture, establishing communication with Oriyas around the world, contributing towards Orissa’s cause are enabled by its extraordinary people and capabilities – exceptional talents, innovation and expertise supported by the highly dedicated individuals who are members of OSA. Extending OSA’s reach beyond its rich 40-year history, our team’s plan serves to strengthen OSA’s role in providing invaluable service and contributions to its heterogeneous member citizens and Oriyas around the world.


Our team’s purpose identifies a mission and an envisioned future for the organization. It reflects a shared vision of the Oriya community that will enable us to realize a future we will be proud of and excited about – a future in which achievements are limited only by imaginations.


Our Mission: To make OSA an excellent organization (create a Golden Era) where members are content and OSA officers are effective; Create a framework for OSA activities that would include people, involve people and provide dynamism in OSA; Document and explain the workings of OSA executives, and OSA operations and procedures; Make OSA distinguished and dignified.


Core Values: 1) Ethics and transparency; 2) Every OSA member is special and should be treated with special attention. 3) Recognize people for their contribution, personal time as well as financial contributions.


Fifteen sacred hymns of our TEAM: Camaraderie, friendship, professionalism, sincerity, integrity, truthfulness, ethics, transparency, humility, nobility, teamwork, diversity, excellence, safety, balance


Our Strengths: Skills (Communication, Leadership, Organization), Experience, Love, Respect, Passion, Faith, Hope

Our Leadership Style: Service Leadership with Dedication, Delegation, Persuasion, Inclusion, Patience, Perseverance


Our Reference Guide: OSA Member Handbook, 2009


Our Strategic Goals:


Position Statement: Dr Bigyani Das: 4525 Rutherford Way, Dayton, MD 21036, bigyanidas_osa@yahoo.com, 410-531-7445

It is an honor to accept the nomination for the office of OSA President. As the president of OSA my vision coincides with my team’s vision, i.e., to make OSA desirable, desirable by members to love and participate in OSA activities, and desirable by non-members to seek membership. To accomplish the objectives of our team I will provide leadership for the smooth flowing of OSA business by creating a framework for OSA activities to achieve the above set of goals. These activities include creation of various forums, such as Development Forum, Literature Forum, Cultural Forum, Women’s Forum, Youth Forum, OSA Management Forum etc. and appointing able OSA members to oversee these activities. We would formalize policy and procedures for various OSA activities including OSA’s regular business such as newsletter publication and release dates, chapter relations and OSA annual convention with exact numbers and figures, and fundraising for OSA causes and humanitarian causes. We would use advanced technological tools such as web interface and video conferencing, and establish FaceBook communications to let people know about OSA officials and activities.


Apart from OSA’s regular business, we would also focus on our relationship with Orissa and other communities. We would formalize a standard measuring system for measuring the success score of OSA as an organization in each category. We will explore all 6 dimensions of leadership, 1) well defined vision and mission, 2) direction, 3) persuasion, 4) support, 5) development and 6) appreciation in managing each and every OSA activity to create high professional standard for OSA and an environment where respect becomes the code word for members (respect for the organization, respect for other members and respect for self will be the membership standard). My years of volunteering in OSA have given me both the knowledge and experience to understand OSA’s strengths, its members and its challenges. I am confident that you would choose a leader who understands OSA and who can work together with others to form solutions, not problems, someone who can find compromise but is bold for any confrontations.


I am looking forward to get the opportunity to work with you and work for OSA with our slate of candidates: Pradeep Mohapatra as Vice President, Dr Annapurna Pandey as Secretary and Dr Akhileswar Patel as Treasurer. I believe in teamwork and thus I emphasize the term SLATE. Although some positions are independent, cooperation and understanding of good work ethics are important for making any significant contribution to the community. I believe in the judgment of OSA members to select the BEST SLATE of candidates who can provide the most effective service to members of OSA. We all have a responsibility for OSA. Our slate of candidates will work with you and we all will work together utilizing “Friend’s Power” to create a “Golden Era in OSA” bringing success to OSA’s missions.


Position Statement: Pradeep Mohapatra: 61 Winding Hill Dr., Harkettstown, NJ 07840, USA, (973) 723-2594, pagela@yahoo.com

As Vice President of OSA my priority is to carry out activities to fulfill my team’s vision and fuel the performance of OSA in unifying individuals and groups, promote Oriya culture and literature, lead economic development programs in Orissa, and identify us all as a critical mass here in North America. I would like to work towards transforming OSA as an endearing organization among its members, nonmembers, and policy makers by adhering to its core values. As an agent to make OSA as one of the most admired organizations in North America and Orissa, I will be committed to 1) Building teamwork by enhancing the sense of belongingness to heritage of Orissa; 2) Making the culture and literature of Orissa accessible to every member in North America; 3) Working through a transparent and effective process in accomplishing tasks that support economic and social development in Orissa and North America; 4) making OSA effectively offer avenues for members to achieve their professional goals; 5) Making networking a norm among all members to achieve personal, and organizational goals.


Position Statement: Dr Annapurna Pandey: 101 Lisa Court, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA, (831) 427-1232,

As the Secretary of the society, my goal is to be an effective team player and carry out activities to fulfill my team’s vision. I will serve the membership by providing clear and accurate minutes of all Board meetings and assisting the Board with the management and dissemination of important documents generated by the meetings.  I have excellent follow through and organization skills, which are so necessary in this position.  I will devote myself to learning as much as possible about OSA policies, procedures, practices and values so that my votes on board matters are based on solid information and a healthy understanding of the organization. I believe in the power of universal volunteer service as described by President Obama. He noted, “…through service, I found a community…” I want OSA to be a welcoming community for others in the same way it has been for me: a place where individuals are celebrated, where members respect each other, and where you can contribute to the community.  I am committed to giving back to an organization that makes a difference in immigrant Oriya lives.  I will champion (1) every OSA member providing service; (2) increasing the numbers of members who are newer to the country; and (3) offering social networking for increased peer to peer collaboration.


Position Statement: Dr Akhileswar Patel: 49 Cannon Rd., Old Bridge, NJ 08857, USA, (732) 521-0982, akhileswar.patel@axa-advisors.com

As the Treasurer of the society, my goal is to be an effective team player and doing my part perfectly to fulfill my team’s vision. I would do that by implementing the TEAM (Trust, Ethics, Accountability and Management) principle in every transaction through OSA to make OSA a strong and transparent organization. I would do my best to contribute towards a smoothly running OSA as a trust-worthy elected official in all financial matters and publish financial updates in OSA newsletters. My mission is to maintain the stewardship of the public funds. My task as the Treasurer of OSA would be to keep a good account, create an annual budget, maintain official files for the expenditure of OSA funds, and keep current all the necessary official documents and their proper filing. I will support my team members in the fundraising for OSA causes and humanitarian causes.