Resolutions Passed in the General Body Meeting of July 4, 2010


Following resolutions were passed in the General Body Meeting of July 4, 2010. Comments on these resolutions may be received no later than September 5, 2010. Please send your comments to OSA National Executives using contact information as given in


A lack of response by September 5, 2010 will be taken as a vote in favor of the resolution (s)


Resolution 1: Quorum:  Minimum Number Requirement for GBM Meeting

50 members in good standing should constitute the quorum for the General Body Meeting


Section 3 (b): Amended July 1, 1992


Resolution 2: Grievance Hearing Process

A complaining member must file a complaint with the OSA’s Executive Committee outlining in detail the nature of the complaint. Within 30 days of the filing of the complaint, a 3 member Mediation Committee shall be convened by the Executive Committee. The Mediation Committee shall consist of one member selected by the Complainant, one member selected by the Executive Committee, then these 2 members shall select a third member of the Mediation Committee and choose the committee Chair among the three. The Mediation Committee shall hear the complaint and issue a written decision of its findings within 60 days of the convening of the Mediation Committee. If the Mediation Committee could not be formed or either party is not satisfied with the findings/decision of the Mediation Committee, any party may proceed on the matter to a court having proper jurisdiction. The complaining member losing the proceedings which they bring in court shall pay the legal costs, including but not limited to the attorney costs, of the prevailing party.  (Approved GBM 2009 & 2010)


Resolution 3: Cultural: Convention program

OSA makes it a mandate for the convention organizing committee to organize a cultural segment completely dedicated to Odia classical music style such as Odissi, Chhanda, and Champu to increase interest among the new generation Oriya children in their cultural heritage during the convention.


4. Announcements: Next Year’s Convention in Dallas, Texas

OSA 2011 Convention will be held in Dallas, TX and will be organized by OSA South West Chapter.


5.  Election Committee Declaration and Voting

OSA 2011 Election Committee was declared and voted in the GBM as

Durga Mishra, NJ (USA) (Chairman)

Abani Patra, NY (USA)

Hara Narayan Padhi, ON (Canada)