Leena Mishra



1.Building OSA a trustworthy organization where people can voice their constructive opinion through effective communication with the Odias in the Diaspora.


2.Motivating the talented people to be involved in OSA as a Leader and training the prospective OSA leaders by keeping them involved in the OSA process, rules and regulations. 


3.Improving the inter chapter relationship and integration through cultural and intellectual activities.


4.Sustaining our culture and heritage, supporting the society we live in and reinforcing the future generation with meaningful values of our life.



About Leena Mishra


Leena studied Computer Science and excelled to get a scholarship to study further and eventually got placement in the Duncan Goenka group of companies, Bakelite Hylam Ltd, Hyderabad. After marriage She came to USA with her husband Bimal Mishra. She did her Masters in Software Engineering from the University of Maryland. Since 1995 She has been working as software professional. She acquired many technical certifications including PMP from PMI which helped her to establish as a Senior Software Professional.  Currently She is working as a Software Architect for Lockheed Martin, Maryland. She loves to participate in community activities including cultural programs. Her passion for social work got her involved in the Washing DC Chapter of The Orissa Society of the Americas. She was actively involved in organizing the OSA events including OSA seminars and cultural programs in the chapter as well as in OSA Conventions. She has served as a Chapter President of Washington DC from the year 2006 to 2008. She organized programs for the artists who came from Odisha to USA. She believes in the heritage and culture of Odisha. Leena believes through proactive and creative leadership and effective communication the society empowers its members and together we can make a difference.