Proposal for the creation of Sections


Each Committee with more than 20 members will become a Section. A section would then have the administrative structure of Section President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer to fully devote time for the section activities.


Currently we propose 5 such sections. They are:


Development Section

Cultural Section

Section on Women

Youth Section

Future Focus Section


Goals of Development Section


  1. Create projects for developmental activities in USA, Canada and Orissa
  2. The developmental activities in USA/Canada include activities such as Archives creation, membership growth and outreach activities
  3. Development activities in Orissa would include grassroot developmental activities and educational development activities. Some examples are creating OSA scholarships in schools, building a school library, building a public library, organizing educational seminars, health seminars, creating income resources, securing funds for disaster relief etc.


Goals of Cultural Section


This would include planning and implementing activities for cultural promotion and propagation. For example:


  1. Organizing Oriya open houses in a Mall area, offering Oriya food, providing Oriya entertainment with dance workshops, music workshops, language workshops
  2. Regional Oriya music festival, Oriya dance festival and Oriya drama festival.
  3. Inviting artists from Orissa and engaging them.
  4. Creating quality music to be appreciated by Oriya youth in immigrant countries.


Goals of the Section on Women


The goal of this section would be catering the needs of women in North American countries as well as in Orissa and elsewhere.


  1. Helping women that are challenged by social structure in Orissa.
  2. Helping girls from rural areas with scholarships and resources for their education and career opportunity
  3. Keeping in touch with women members of the community during critical moments of depression, abuse and harassment.


Goals of the Youth Section


To involve Oriya youth in positive atmosphere for better interaction and collaboration.


  1. Organizing regional and local youth camps in USA as well as in Orissa
  2. Oriya language training
  3. Volunteering in Orissa
  4. Marriage and social relationship


Goals of Future Focus Section


  1. Checking OSA status time to time
  2. Scheduling conventions for 10 years in advance and checking the status from time to time
  3. Future growth predictions and needs for the structural change
  4. Constitution check
  5. Creating rules for certain new activities
  6. Modification of current rules
  7. Exploration of ways for OSA’s financial health improvement
  8. Fundraising plan