Sushant Satpathy


Dear Friends,

I want to thank you all for the opportunity to serve OSA community in the role of treasurer for 2011-13. Also, I will take this opportunity to introduce myself. 

I am Sushant Satpathy and I live in Naperville, IL with my wife Ipsita and sons Sreyesh and Devyesh. I was born in Rourkela and did my schooling in Rourkela, Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. I am NIT alum and have done my MBA (Finance) from University of Illinois. I am fortunate to be part of wonderful Chicago Odia community and it is my extended family away from home. I have been associated with OSA for last 14 years and have served my local chapter as a member-volunteer. I am also an active member of a not for profit educational organization, NSF that provides scholarships to bright but underprivileged students in India including Odisha. I have actively promoted Odia language and culture in the Greater Chicago area over these years and have been recognized by OSA with Kalashree Award.

My future role:

I see my role as OSA treasurer to bring transparency to all financial transactions and publish those details for general membership. I would do my part for smooth working of OSA at the same time be an independent voice in all matters including finance. I will follow the generally accepted accounting principle (GAAP) to maintain financial records. I will provide the guidance to chapters to do the same. I will always welcome all comments, suggestions and criticisms and do my best to improve upon the areas I am responsible for. Moreover, my belief ‘belonging to a community requires commitment to common good’ will be the guiding principle for all my actions besides OSA Constitution and its by-laws.

My beliefs:

Ø  Belonging to a community requires commitment to common good. To be part of the community is to invite, inspire, mobilize, and guide ourselves and others to make positive differences in our community. As a community we need to utilize the resources available, create new opportunities and make decisions based on established ethical standards.


Ø  Open and transparent communication with all members of OSA. I believe in inherent goodness in everyone and welcome the ideas, suggestions of all.  It is my desire to elevate debate on various issues to a higher level for a positive outcome.


Ø  Strong and vibrant chapters make OSA stronger. Every single member’s help is needed to reach OSA's goal of providing a social and cultural platform to all non-resident Odias in this continent. We need to reach out to non-members with the knowledge that today’s non-members are tomorrow's members.


Ø  Pride in Odia heritage and culture. OSA can only grow by engaging second generation Odias and welcoming first generation Odias to its fold. OSA as an organization can instill pride in each one of us for our great heritage and culture. With the help of chapters and our members we can accomplish this.


Warm Regards,


Sushant Satpathy

Naperville, IL